The 10 best air ionizers for the home

the best air purifiers

I think you’ve heard it before:

„You are as healthy as what you put into your body.“

And yes, that goes for the air.

A good purifier can definitely be for you.

To make sure you don’t buy the wrong model, we’ve created this special list of the top 10 air purifiers / ionizers for your home.

Let’s read the list together!

The best air ionizers

1. Philips AC3256 – The best overall

Philips AC3256

Power: 60 W
Purifier noise: 33 dB

Breathing fresh air has already become a priority, which is why we recommend this product, which we consider to be the best air purifier for the home and work environment. The ionizer we offer you is certified by the European Center for Allergy Research (ECRAF).

This ionizer is equipped with VitaShield IPS technology developed by Philips, which offers a supply of fresh air of 367 m3 / hour, making it ideal for rooms no larger than 97 m2.

Among so many ionizers, its ability to remove fine dust makes it ideal for allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. The power of this air ionizer is undoubtedly the natural technology that does not emit chemicals into the air and therefore does not create a health problem.

Filtration takes place in several stages, pre-filters and filters of different types contribute to the neutralization of all contaminants. The purifier is also equipped with a very convenient intelligent sensor that monitors the air quality in the home, and the LED display shows the exact level of dust particles.

You can choose between 7 settings for use, including automatic and allergen mode. In addition, it is very quiet, producing only 33 decibels, you will not even feel at home.

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  • ECRAF certified
  • VitaShield IPS technology for healthier air
  • Perfect for those with respiratory problems, asthma or allergies
  • Filtering, which is carried out on several levels for better results
  • Sensor that monitors air quality
  • LED display showing the level of particles
  • 7 settings for use


  • Spare filters are not available on the market
  • Some customer reviews complain about the lack of remote control

2. Levoit – the best value for money


Power: 28 W
Purifier noise: <50 dB

Would you like to breathe well both at home and at work, but don’t want to spend too much on an air purifier? We are here to bring you a really great product at a really affordable price! The reviews and opinions we have read believe that these are the best ionizers.

This product ranks among the best air purifiers in terms of both performance and price, and the reviews we read online do not make us doubt our choice. In fact, it is a low consumption model that will help you have better air and therefore breathe better.

Perfect for both home and home use, you can store the air ionizer on a nightstand or shelf, and thanks to its modern design it will also act as furniture. HEPA technology filters 99.97% of dust, cigarette smoke and odors.

Equipped with 3 stages of filtration, this air purifier is ideal for people who suffer from allergies or various respiratory problems, thus they can enjoy the house by breathing fresh air. In fact, it has a fine pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to make the air healthy.

You can also choose between three speed settings (low, medium, high) depending on the weather conditions. You will be able to keep the ionizer on even at night, as it is very quiet (produces <50 db, depending on the fan speed).

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  • Best product for the price
  • Low consumption model
  • Filters 99.97% of dust and odors
  • Very effective HEPA technology
  • Fine pre-filter, Hepa filter, activated carbon filter
  • 3 speed settings for better customization
  • Quiet and perfect for use even at night


  • Some reviews claim that it cools the air too much
  • Difficult to use at night due to noise
  • It covers only small rooms

3. Tevigo – the best economic option


Power: 15 W
Purifier noise: indefinitely

Looking for the best air purifiers, didn’t you find what you were looking for because you would like a cheap one with good features? Read our reviews for this ionizer!

The Tevigo purifier is really economical and its coverage range is very wide, so much so that it is ideal for home or work environments up to 120m2. For the best effect, rooms up to 45m2 are ideal.

This air ionizer promises a high reduction of air pollutants by producing negative ions that remove harmful particles such as pollen, bacteria, dust, mites. If you have small breathing problems in your family, then this product can help you improve them by allowing you to breathe cleaner air.

You can clean the filter simply with tap water and with the help of the special brush included in the package.

In the reviews of some buyers it is often found that this is a very quiet air purifier, which is almost inaudible. It can be said that among many similar appliances, this is really the best economical option that helps you save on bills, as it consumes only 15W.

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  • The best economical air ionizer
  • Perfect for rooms up to 120m2
  • Production of negative ions to remove air pollutants
  • The filter is simply cleaned with water
  • Very quiet even according to customer reviews
  • Low energy consumption


  • Suitable only for very small rooms
  • It does not seem to eliminate odors properly
  • Some customers have had problems with the operation of the purifier after several weeks of use

4. PureMate – the quietest

Power: 6 W
Purifier noise: indefinitely

Are you looking for an ultra quiet air purifier? This PureMate model will surely interest you! In fact, it is equipped with soundless technology, which makes it very quiet and therefore will allow you to keep it active even at night without disturbing your sleep.

The filter in the ionizer does not need to be replaced, it is cleaned and put back in place. Cleaning is very simple and practical and will not take much time. This product will free you from the annoying smell of cigarette smoke, musty smell and bacteria.

Its ability to remove harmful particles from the air is very high, as it is able to eliminate particles up to 0.1 microns in the air at home or at work.

It works with advanced ionic air movement technology, regulated by an internal microcomputer, which will guarantee you complete and really precise control of the purification cycle. Say goodbye to fine powder with this model, one of the quietest devices on the market.

The consumption aspect is also a point in its favor, in fact it consumes only 6W, which will allow you to amortize costs while saving electricity.

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  • Silent technology that makes it the quietest air purifier
  • The filter does not need to be replaced
  • Among the best against bad odors
  • Cleans the air of particles up to 0.1 microns
  • Microcomputer controlled purification cycle
  • Low energy consumption


  • It emits a plastic odor that does not seem to disappear even with time
  • They are not high quality materials
  • It may overheat

5. De’Longhi AC75 – The easiest to use

De'Longhi AC75

Power: 40 W
Purifier noise: 40 dB

Of all the best (non-water) air purifiers, this De’Longhi model is certainly among the easiest to use. In fact, it has only 4 buttons on the front of the purifier: on, off, fan setting, timer and button to activate the ionizer.

Four simple, very intuitive buttons that will make it easier to use, especially for people unfamiliar with the technology, such as the elderly. That’s why this product can make a great gift!

You can set the fan to three power levels, but the lack of a special sensor will not allow you to set it automatically according to the amount of allergens in the air. The timer, on the other hand, can be set to program the self-timer after one or three hours.

This air purifier is suitable for rooms up to 25m2 and has a maximum air flow that reaches 140m3 / h and 40m3 / h when set to a minimum. You will notice that even with a fan programmed at maximum speed, the purifier keeps the noise level very low.

The dimensions of this air ionizer are really small and its weight of 4 kg makes it ideal for its smooth movement from one room to another, placing it on the floor or on a table or on furniture.

It has a pre-filtration system that eliminates larger particles so as not to overload the HEPA filter inside. The filters should be removed and replaced depending on how often the air purifier is used, but the manufacturer still recommends changing them every six months.

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  • The ionizer has only 4 simple buttons for easy use
  • The fan is set to 3 speed levels
  • 1 hour or 3 hours self-timer
  • ideal for rooms up to 25m2
  • Lightweight and compact, it is very convenient to move from room to room
  • Hepa filter and pre-filtration system
  • Great as a gift for people with little technological knowledge


  • Suitable only for small rooms
  • Reduced timer performance
  • There is no sensor that measures the amount of allergens in the air

6. BFA – Excellent for energy saving


Power: 14W
Purifier noise: /

If you are looking for one of the best professional air purifiers, this BFA model is just for you. The price is really affordable and in a short time you can amortize the costs thanks to energy savings, because …

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